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Cabagge, a vegetable rich in antioxidants


The regular consumption of cabbage can be beneficial for the health, since the anti-oxidant compounds present in these vegetables neutralize the free radical, molecules which excessive accumulation in the organism that are related to diverse cardiovascular, inflammatory or neurodegenerative pathologies. This conclusion is confirmed by the study of the High Center of Scientific Investigations (CSIC for its Spanish acronym) called ‘anti-rust Potential of cabbage’, realized in collaboration with the Biological Mission of Galicia (MBG).

During the investigation, realized throughout 2010, an evaluation and comparison of the anti-oxidant potential of several horticultural cultures  as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower have been made. Of six analyzed varieties, the cabbage was the culture that demonstrated to have a major potential, followed just by broccoli.

Investigators have observed that the anti-rust potential is major when the plant still is young – concerning around two months from its transplant- and that certain parts of the above mentioned vegetables that are not usually eaten, as the surrounding leaves to the heads of the cabbage, have a high contain of antirust substances or antioxidants.

The principal investigator of the project and scientific of the CSIC, Pilar Soengas, has indicated that ” during the last years the scientific community has shown a greater interest study cabbage and its properties “. This way, one of the most followed scientific lines turns on the properties of these vegetables, since diverse studies are testing its beneficial effects in the human body, since they are rich in glucosinates – related to the prevention of cancer-, and phenolic compounds – related to the prevention of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.