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Cholesterol levels

Most people eat every kind of food without thinking in the consequences it might have. A healthy diet means eating moderately. Overindulgence in food can be the main cause of diseases that can even cause death. There are some aspects that you have to take into account in order to keep healthy and cholesterol levels is one of the most important factors.


Cholesterol is a substance that the human body uses to protect nerves and produce some hormones. Your won body, specifically your liver, can produce all the cholesterol you need. But there are also a lot of foods such as meat or eggs that contain high cholesterol levels, so, eating them in excess could have a negative impact inyour health.

Although people need some cholesterol to keep healthy, high cholesterol levels in blood can cause heart diseases or strokes. Other disease such as arteriosclerosis or Alzheimer can also be caused by high cholesterol levels.

People aged 35 and older should be have their cholesterol levels checked in order to avoid any kind of heart diseases. Those people whose cholesterol levels are high or have risk factors for heart diseases usually have checked their cholesterol levels sooner than other people.

With the help of a simple blood test (lipid panel) you can keep your cholesterol levels under control.

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