-     Written by landing

Health and The Work Place

workplace-travel-routesAs mentioned practically everywhere, the maintenance of our health is very important, we are to be very careful of the things we eat as well as the things we do.

Some work places require us to do a lot of work that might be hazardous to our health. In some cases we have to lift heavy materials, especially for men which is not safe, some of us men are strong enough but if we are not it can lead to some problematic situations, long term effects for instance we can end up with arthritis problems and this not good for us. There are also some work places that do not maintain clean conditions, and very dusty, full of insects such as; ants, cockroaches, rats etc and these are known to pass on diseases. The dust in the work places can lead to regular involvement with cold and sinus or flu, and we know that this is not good, because some employers will fire us if we are sick too often. We need to consider these factors and more when taking on jobs, yes we want to make the money, but where will the money go if you are sick so often?