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How to lose weight I


We are living in times that are not easy especially where women and girls are concerned. Adolescents are constantly bombarded on a daily basis by thousands of images in the movies, on television and in magazines. These images show women who are perfect and are surrounded by rich handsome men. The life portrayed on the screen is beautiful and problem free. As a result these young women compare their lives to these images and are increasingly dissatisfied with the reality. They want to be thinner as thin, beautiful women find glamourous employment in the world of fashion and entertainment where image is all-important. It all seems very easy, but the reality is far different. Television programmes seem to say that being beautiful is the most important, the most valuable asset that a girl can possess. This is creating a great deal of personal dissatisfaction among ‘normal’ women who do not seem to realize that many of the women are deemed ‘beautiful are required to make a lot of sacrifices to maintain that beauty. For example, many of them take a variety of medications, or refuse to eat and spend a great deal of time at the gym. Those who try to imitate this lifestyle are often unable to maintain it which results in a high failure rate. Eventually, they become impatient with these unrealistic routines and practices and as a result begin to overeat because of the resulting stress.   The fact is, we need to have a balance when attempting to lose weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps it would be best to visit a doctor or a nutritionist and together decide what routine and diet best suits your needs. The fact is, every body has different requirements when dealing with their nutritional health. Every individual has a different metabolism and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to losing weight and being healthy. It is very important that you understand the relationship you have with your body. For young girls in particular, this can be complicated and it is important that they approach the issues sensibly and not buy into miracle diets and false promises. Be careful of the many dietary promotions and recipes that are targeting this demographic. Exercise prudence and realise that many of these miracle diets often only works in the short term. Follow the golden rule: do not overdo it – avoid crash diets and excessive exercising, listen to your body and think carefully about what you are doing.