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The benefits of artichokes


Artichoke is a vegetable with a lot of beneficial properties for health. It is cultivated normally in hot climates all around the world, though it is more commonly grown in the Mediterranean Sea area, where it sprouts most of the year. 

Artichoke is used for treating diseases linked to the liver (cirrhosis, poisoning, hepatitis), apart from favoring the biliary function. It is very advisable for the diabetics since it diminishes the levels of sugar in blood just by taking a small glass of infusion of the above mentioned plant during the day. It helps to eliminate liquid off the body, so it turns out to be beneficial not only for the obesity, but in those kind of diseases linked to the inefficient elimination of water; it is adequate for the elimination of toxins and mainly uric acid; circulatory diseases, and arthritis, too.

Its principal strength lies in its capacity to produce acids that reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, diminishes the arterial pressure and prevent arteriosclerosis. It can also be used externally. If dryness in the eyes appears, artichoke can be used as collyrium to strengthen the eyes and to diminish said dryness.

Certainly we have to speak about the artichoke as food; it is better to eat them raw, specially in salads, to take a better advantage of its properties. Artichokes cooked in the oven or on a grill and bathed in olive oil turn out to be delicious and healthy, for the combination of medicinal properties of both the vegetable and the olive oil.